Russian van comes with Tetris built into the dashboard


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I hope this feature is reflected in the insurance rates for this vehicle.


I hope they meant raise the RPMs to 2000, because otherwise they’re driving way too fast to play Tetris.


Don’t tell me: you rotate with the steering wheel, shift left and right with the turn signal, and drop with the brake pedal.


Playing Tetris while driving in Russia would probably not make you any worse of a driver than anyone else there. They are nuts.


I was just thinking how great if you controlled the game with the steering wheel. Whoa! Whoooa!


It also hacks elections when you turn on the wiper and tune on AM radio at the same time.


Yeah it’s all whimsical until you realize if they can get in a secret game of tetris they can get in a backdoor to allow the FSB to send you off a bridge





The big problem with this van is that the instant you maneuver it into the last empty parking space on the block that whole row of cars will disappear.




A perfect four point landing that the driver walked away from, da-y-um!


Beta tested in tanks


If the dashcam doesn’t see it; it didn’t happen.

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