Ryan Gosling eats cereal to honor late meme creator



Moments like these I am just amazed at the power of the internet.
Though mostly it is a hateful and asinine place, what other technology and during what other time period would interacting with people like this ever occur. Especially with ones considered A list.

Warm and fuzzies. I has them.


Warm and fuzzes. Your post gives them.

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Classy move, Gosling. Becky approves.


i had not heard of this meme (somehow!) until yesterday, but (1) it was hilarious, and (2) gosling’s reaction is really a nice gesture. i only wish the creator had lived to see it.


This is totally awesome, but is it wrong that the pedant in my couldn’t stop focusing on the lack of a space in “apart”:

I just keep thinking to myself “did they not teach grammar at Breaker High?”

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