Sacha Baron Cohen punks Dick Cheney in promo for his new undercover show




At this point, I’m wondering who hasn’t been duped by Cohen.

The Daily Beast: Sheriff Joe, Ted Koppel Admit Sacha Baron Cohen Got Them Too.

I’m feeling kinda left out.



I saw a photoshop of Moore chasing a schoolgirl, labeled “Roy Moore Date Night”. Funny in a twisted way.


I often have to remind myself that even though Bush may not have been the smartest person in the room, he had enough sense to surround himself with intelligent (albeit evil) people.

#46 Who Is America? review: Sacha Baron Cohen’s show is grim, nihilistic, empty.


Thanks for the link, but I didn’t see the 10-minute teaser here, which nicely skewers some ammosexuals, as nihilistic or empty.

Grim, yes, but seeing a bunch of prominent gun nuts agree that arming toddlers is a great idea does what all good satire does (at least for me) – it exaggerates something vile to show just how vile it really is.

The article you linked says,

And there are instances when Cohen exposes moments of genuine American racism or Republican gun love that feel like they’re coalescing toward a point.

Well yes, but not just “coalescing toward a point.” As I said, it makes a point, one that I think is a good one – THIS is how fucking ridiculous and ultimately murderous America’s gun-nuts can be.

But a lot of the humor is cruel and cynical, for the sake of being cruel and cynical, and even more of it points and laughs at the rubes, provoking them simply to provoke them.

Okay, I’ll wait and see then. For now, I’ll withhold judgement and hope that this latest round of satire from someone as smart and talented as Sacha Baron Cohen has consistently worthy targets.


I’m…okay with this, if the show ends up being just that. Transient nihilism can shed a dark light on life, illuminating what was previously hidden. A terrible place to live but not necessarily unproductive to visit.


This Guardian review isn’t too kind


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