Sad! Donald Trump loses not just to Ron DeSantis, but also Liz Cheney in new 2024 primary poll

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Wait, after yet another round of failure with the midterms, polls still exist? And people still pay any attention at all to them?


The only thing this grifter fears as much as his actual net worth being exposed is his popularity numbers and ratings falling. What a pathetic looooo-sah!


Utah is very conservative but generally not batshit crazy. (With some notable exceptions) If Utah Republicans were representative of the party overall then the party would still be reasonably functional. Senator Romney was the only American lawmaker in history to vote twice to impeach a President from his own party. Certainly doesn’t make him a hero but it does show he’s a heck of a lot more reasonable than most Republican lawmakers.

The Governor of Utah also publicly called for Trump to step down, so there’s that.

Edit to add:
Back in 2016 only 14% of Utah Republicans supported Trump in the primary so he’s never been their favorite candidate.


He probably threw french fries at a wall over this.


If Trump were in any danger from DeSantis or Cheney, you wouldn’t have GOP lawmakers falling over themselves to ignore his call to end the Constitution.


I tend to think of Utah as a unique conservative biosphere, not necessarily relatable to say Alabama or Ohio.

However this also gives me hope that some slightly more rational Republican will run as a third party, or at least turn the GOP primaries into a brutal death match between the QAnuts and the old school conservatives (I guess I’ll call them “Romnoids”?)


[expletive deleted] is down, but definitely not out. They know he’s still followed by a pretty good chunk of the party base, enough to make trouble in their own political careers. But yeah, Utah is one of the least Trumpy red states, so this doesn’t necessarily reflect national feeling. I make a guess that the primaries are gonna be bloody. I also make a guess that if Douchelini doesn’t get the nomination, he will run as a third party out of spite and vanity.


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That would be nice, as it would probably split off enough votes to make the Dem win in a landslide.


“FAILING Donald Trump loses primary poll!”


I’m still not sure there’ll be a GOP primary. I think there’s a decent chance no one runs against him. The party leaders and the base are still lockstep in favor of Trump.

Cheney will run, but Republicans despise her now, so she’d strictly draw votes away from Biden, not from Trump. DeSantis wants it, but I’m not sure he’s got any political oomph outside of Florida – if he’s smart, he’ll wait a few years 'til Trump dies off.

But yes, if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, he’ll run third party, just for spite, and that’s likely to kill the Republican Party for a generation, so that’s the result that’d be best…




The polls did very well this year. 538 predicted 50.9 republican senate seats and 230 house seats. 49 or 50 senate seats and 221 house seats is well within the margin of error.


I would be very surprised if DeSantis doesn’t run.


If Republicans were smart (Narrator: “They’re not.”), they would nominate Liz Chaney, because there’s a very good chance she would beat Joe Biden pretty handily. The country certainly does not love Joe Biden and there’s a large chunk of the voting block that would look to her as being a viable alternative. She wouldn’t win California or Massachusetts but she’d grab quite a few votes in states like Ohio and Michigan that swing the election.


heh heh ted cruz 6%


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Liz Chaney? The gal who got booted from her seat in the primary by a frothing nutcase? Why would the GOP base rally behind her?


The GOP base won’t rally behind Cheney…and she knows that. Liz Cheney is many things (conservative, really conservative, really really conservative, a war hawk, and possibly evil) but she is decidedly not stupid or delusional. She knows she can’t win the GOP nomination for President in 2024. What she can do is act as a spoiler. She has stated many times now that she will do whatever she can to ensure that Trump is never President again. I think she’ll run for the GOP nomination in 2024, or at least throw her support behind whoever she thinks can beat Trump who isn’t also an election denier. And if Trump does get the GOP nomination, I fully expect Cheney to run as an Independent to try to pull some Republican and Independent votes away from him so Biden wins easily.