Sadako versus Snickers


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I guess it’s the Japanese version of Freddie vs. Jason, which sucked. Or Alien vs. Predator, which sucked even more.


Yeah, eyes aren’t supposed to do that.


Oh my. Japan made a weird TV commercial?


Thank you Anime News Network, for being first.




Why has BoingBoing started clipping video posts? In Chrome & Edge, no matter what I do to the window, the videos play in 2/3 width, which means I can’t get to the fullscreen button.
(sorry to post this here, can’t see any other way to contact BB)


Same in latest Firefox desktop and droid versions…


Yeah! Don’t crop Sadako, she have enough problems with wide screen TVs!


best way is to create a new topic in meta



I can’t be the only one thinking that the American remake came out much better than the original, surely? It felt like it had a much larger budget and made good use of it.


I’m using Chrome on a PC and don’t have any issue with the YouTube window. But I’ll send a note to the powers that be.


The definitive version:


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