Saddam Hussein has been executed (and now it's on youTube)


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But how is Rob Ford?



Still, at least we can see how much better Iraq is now, 10 years on.


He’s having a party with Maggie and Ronnie. I’m not certain which one invited Saddam though.




It took Saddam’s execution 10 years to get on YouTube?


Every year is the Year -10.


Well, I did just see that supposedly YouTube views are down across the board, so maybe BoingBoing is just trying to do their part to help?


Honestly, I like these time-portal posts. More often than not, they’re about something I missed back then, so I don’t immediately realize they’re old. (This was not one of those cases.) And sometimes they’re still worth talking about, so I wish they didn’t always get closed.


In before @falcor !

Edit: What is actually going on with BB today? Is it deliberate or a bug? Either way, the past posts are a good distraction from the living nightmare of Donald Trump.

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