Salesforce will pay its workers to leave Texas

True, that is the best option, but isn’t legal in the state my friend moved to unfortunately. But if that option exists, take it

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Um… no. It’s not. It’s the largest city in the Southeast, third largest metro area in the SE in fact. We are very much on par with Boston or Chicago with the tech sector. We’re getting tons of investment (@ficuswhisperer noted the new MS campus coming), we have many start ups, training programs, AT&T (which both of my BILs work for, both in technology) and of course GA Tech is here… And I know what I speak of as my better half has been a programmer here for over 30 years now.

So, no the ATL is not “small potatoes” compared to these other cities. We are the largest city in the region, with the most economic growth in the region. GA and the south needs us, not the other way around.

I agree. But this move seems sensible in the meantime.

I don’t think it’s fair to expect women to sacrifice themselves to long term goals.

[ETA: corrected size compared to other SE cities/metro areas]


I am expecting no such thing. I am just pointing out that this is what the GOP is counting on.

The real gold is the golden attitude adjustment. Whatever amount of money M you receive, you magically pretend you have receive 2/3*M and you are so grateful to your considerate employer for giving you 2/3*M all tax-free!

Third largest metro area in the Southeast? Cool, that basically makes it the Indianapolis of the South. And knowing Indianapolis as well as I do, I say that’s a fair comparison. Similar sized city with a very similar feel. I know a lot of talented engineers in Indianapolis, and a fair amount of major companies out there as well. But I’m not gonna pretend like it’s some kind of tech mecca when it isn’t.

Either way, even if it were true, I wouldn’t want gentrifiers rushing into my community, displacing the people who have lived there for generations, then rushing back. Let’s just say I have reason to distrust gentrifiers. And even if I were able to put up with their being here, I wouldn’t trust their votes. White “liberals” aren’t much different from white “conservatives” except for which colors they wear and if they’re willing to say the quiet parts out loud.

Okay. Whatever. What the fuck do I know anyway. I just fucking live here.


Gives a whole new meaning to “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

“Yo, you wanna move to Texas?”

“Naw, I don’t mess with dat shit.”


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