Texans brace for Jade Helm 15, massive federal military exercise

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Can we just let Texas leave? Please?


When my Texas relatives posted on Facebook during the last presidential election that they would secede if Obama got re-elected, I really hoped beyond all rational thought that it might happen. I don’t plan on renewing my passport anytime soon, so I’d have a legit reason not to see them.

And then there’s the fact that in today’s current political climate, the Republicans wouldn’t be able to muster enough electoral votes to elect one of their own as president until the lines shifted significantly in several states.



Yea we have our share of idiots, unfortunately too many of our government officials egg them on. Just checked my refrigerator and I have enough beer to last me thru the week so I’m ready.


Oh, I love the Fox “news” coverage, using their usual device, “critics say.” They can present any crazy bullshit they want as if it were a legitimate point of view by simply uttering those words. What critics? Based on what evidence? Doesn’t matter. Hell, they don’t even need to actually find a “critic” who’s making such claims, because you can rest assured that, say, the crazy dude sleeping in a cardboard box in the alley outside their offices might take such a stance, if asked. (I suspect he’s their go-to guy for a lot of notions they represent as news.) Their other favorite is about “parents” being upset/protesting/being outraged, usually in relation to a school doing something liberal. The implication is that the parents of the children at that school are upset, but that’s not actually the case (as demonstrated by stories where no parent at the school had ever voiced any objections) - what they mean is that unaffected parents, probably Fox “news” employees who happened to be parents, were upset about it.


…and take their crazy cousin Florida with them.


“What would Rickky Perry do?”

I shudder to think…

As a Texan, this is embarrassing…

The other day, a pickup truck passed me on the highway. On the left side of the truck bumper, there was a sticker that said “Secede” with a Texas flag. On the right was a sticker that said “Patriot” with a US flag. I’m sure they saw no contradiction…


Your governor shouldn’t be one of those people.

Actually, the current governor of Texas makes Rick Perry look great in comparison.


The Military presence was noticeable this weekend. Lots of blue digital camo and some grey digital all around town. I’d occasionally see military personnel around town, but nothing like the flood this weekend.
After the 6th soldier I saw at the grocery store on Sunday, I suddenly remembered that Jade Helm was beginning.

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but the folks who believe guys like Jon Stewart and guys like Alex Jones don’t have a huge overlap.

Not sure why anyone would generally believe either of them.

The fears aren’t entirely unfounded. Last time a J. Helm(s) swept through the country it left a swath of damage that continues to impact the American South to this day.


Personally, I am investing in Aluminum foil stock.


… and I thought USians get a hard-on from their military?


Yep. There are some great things about this state. The ignoramuses are not one of them, and there sure are a lot of different breeds of stupid here.

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Don’t worry about Florida. It’s the first state to go as sea levels rise… :slight_smile:


I wonder sometimes if Texas realizes it’s a burden on the rest of the country.
As in they consume more resources than their taxes provide. I’d welcome them seceding.

You can’t fix stupid like this.


Sad, but true…

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Not sure belief comes into it. I mean, they’re both funny, but for very different reasons.