Texas warlord seeks letter of marque

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Like a small volunteer fire department where one guy donates an old firetruck, except with artillery.


It’s the weirdest mixture of fearing the government and worshipping the military.

As if the military isn’t the instrument of the government.


The really odd thing about that is, once they are an authorized militia, wouldn’t they then come under the control of the government? Militias don’t act independently of government.


At least Hiroo Onoda was actually a soldier in a real war. Like so many other militia enthusiasts, this guy seems like a holdout in a war that he’s still waiting to begin.


Militia is technically a military force, yes. But the crux is not on if it has weapons, but on whom it obeys. When the link is to the government, via strict chain of command, yes, the given force is the instrument of the government. When the link is to local people, with only very weak ties to the government, the situation significantly differs.

All depends on if you can disobey.


It was tough enough getting past the grade-school-level cut-and-paste job on their emblem.


The white background behind the lettering and the undoubtedly intentional choice to write “Golden” as “GOLDEN” are deeply symbolic and laden with meaning, surely.


I think they are sending a clear message to kidnappers that they too know how to write ransom notes.



I thought that it was just more sloppy work until you pointed it out. Probably some weird, cryptic biblical thing or pseudo-legal finger crossing ("this is what we really mean).

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Some people wish the government to be the instrument of the military. Given that the military exemplifies such characteristics as honor, duty, valor, and so and so forth, can we blame them for cutting out those more decadent, less virtuous components of society?

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Suddenly I’m curious about what a “well regulated milita” looks like. there must have been a process in place to regulate them at some point, and it must have fell out of use, otherwise I’dhave been in the chidrens auxiliary instead of the Boy Scouts.

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“Golden Triangle”? Um, that sounds like they’re more into one of the fringe sexual fetishes than upholding the rule-of-laws-we-approve-of


If you mean in the modern day, you can look up the Texas Militia. They are a state organization (not under the control of the Federal military, as National Guards are) and it looks like they mostly exist to supplement the Nation Guard in times of natural disaster. They were recently in the news because the conspiracy-minded governor of Texas wanted to use them to spy on the Jade Helm 15 special forces exercise to make sure it wasn’t a front for a military take over of the state.


It’s a bit difficult to hear the lyrics but this song came to mind:

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My theory is that whatever this attitude is(I don’t have a good term for it) is basically like protestantism; but for ‘State’ rather than ‘Church’:

Essentially, their faith in state power(both in symbolic forms of flags and pseudohistorical drivel of national greatness; and in concrete forms of burly guys in BDUs laying down the firepower) is such that they seek to purify the fallen, corrupt, state-as-it-actually-exists; so that the state-that-is-true-state may be restored and be worthy of wielding all that glorious power in the battle against Them for the preservation of Us and all we hold dear.

This is what makes them different from assorted other types of anti-government or government reforming types. Just as protestants broke with catholics not out of atheism or secularism; but because christianity was far too important to be done incorrectly; these guys oppose the government not because they are against state power; but because state power, and its vigorous exercise, are so good that a state worthy of wielding and exercising power must be created.


The “Golden Triangle” refers to Beaumont, Orange & Port Arthur area of SE Texas. Golden because of the riches from Spindle Top back in the early 1900s East Texas is especially conservative in general, to put it nicely.


I thought it was the Paulentologists.

At first, I thought it’s about opium production.

Turned out that there’s enough golden triangles to make old Sierpinski happy.


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