Salvador Dalek




Imagine if it had been "Doctor Quien", every alien in the history of the universe would begin their fiendish plot to take over the world by invading Barcelona and/or infiltrating the Catalonian government, that Gaudí church would be some sort of homing beacon or "temporal resonance distortion field generator".


The Persistence of Exterminate!




OTOH, Daleks are not fans of Escher.




Salvador Dalek is the name of the hero sized prop replica I built:

He is made from fiberglass, plastic and alumnium and weighs about 150lbs including the frame I am sitting on inside.


Doesn't sound very comfortable -- try this on and just grab a plunger from the loo:


Dalek spires?


That's fucking awesome.


Right now? You have an internet connection in there?


Who wouldn't?


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