Samantha Bee on how the right doesn't own religion

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But religious extremists own the government, which is much, much worse.


They may not have a lock on it yet, but national media don’t recognize any other and I give the SCOTUS less than ten years to make that official.


I wish that could be cut down just enough to make it a commercial but wish in one hand. Offering that clip in a sex ed class would be great in schools. The right would shit its holy pants off. Maybe tout it on various media sites as banned material and the kids would definitely flock to it as well as adults. I sort of wish she had invited an atheist to give a who gives a shit response but overall it is great.

The American right doesn’t own religion. It does own Xtianism, and Xtianists not only don’t care what other religions believe regarding abortion but they want to render those beliefs irrelevant under law. That is the message that liberal and progressives have to send to non-Xtianist religious believers.


They can have it. I prefer knowledge, tolerance and reason



By no means will they stop at taking womens’ rights away. By the time they are finished, a small minority will hold sway over all…
Alito’s arguement that ‘if it isn’t listed in the Constitution, then it isn’t a right’ shows that he is ignoring the 9th Amendment, which states exactly the opposite.

We need to come up with a different term to refer to these people; calling them ‘the right’ gives them a legitimacy they absolutely do not deserve… and they certainly aren’t ‘conservative’.
American Taliban seems to fit the bill & the foreign terrorist reference would serve to piss 'em off, which is a bonus.
After all, these assholes have no problem with Sharia Law, as long as they are calling the shots.


Jon Ronson’s primer on the RR adoption of Abortion debate in the early 80’s Things Fell Apart - 1. 1000 Dolls - BBC Sounds

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well, and one of the points of the 14th amendment was to give people the rights denied them under slavery. the freedom to choose when and whether to bear children was absolutely one of the differences between enslaved people and the enslavers. it’s an integral part of equal protection.

alito knows that, he just doesn’t care.

right!? i mean “conservative” would mean both respecting prior decisions and trying not to make big radical waves. maybe a better term is right wing fundamentalists. they seem to care very little for the constitution except when it helps them.


I find it interesting that a lot of the thought surrounding when abortion is OK or not hinges on “when the soul enters the body”. Problem is that not even Christian theologians are unanimous on what the “soul” is. Does the soul exist apart from the body? Does the soul continue on as a disembodied spirit after death?
It’s getting late, and I don’t really care what Evangelicals and Roman Catholics think; both have long since abandoned the teachings of Jesus in favor of a theology then enables them to force their personal heresies onto their neighbors.


Making it all about when the embryo or fetus gets a soul is a trick to erase the woman in question anyway. Very few of these people would have the government require you to risk your life to save someone else. They don’t force people to donate blood or fill out organ donor cards. The one exception is when it’s a pregnant woman, and only then are they suddenly fine requiring her to use and risk her body for what might be considered another person.

The misogyny is the real point and the rest is window dressing.


Hah, as if the majority of American church buildings looked that nice! They should show a strip mall.


Not a fan of trans rights and personal pronouns, eh?


Are you saying women aren’t people?


that poster talks about rubbish yet uses recycled talking points. how strange :thinking:


Probably a good time to point out the old adage: don’t let ‘perfect’ get in the way of ‘good’.

Someone who falls squarely on the side of human rights makes a small mistake while speaking in public, in not being fully inclusive of those who can get pregnant. It’s a blip, and something that I’m sure she’d appreciate getting a heads-up about so that she can be more accurate next time.

Those cheerleading for the error as the only part of a 7-minute discussion worthy of approval, on the other hand, are not on the side of the angels.


Soul hernia.


Look, there’s spirituality, which has been around for over a hundred thousand years, and then there’s organized religion which, curiously enough, appeared on the scene around the same time as kingship.
Spirituality has questions. Religion weaponizes spirituality and gives answers, usually straight from a Divinity’s mouth.
By doing so, religion speaks for God. To speak against religion, as we see repeatedly, is to speak against God (and thus to be in league with Satan). Who wants that? Thus we see that religion is actually simply a means of social control that sprang up along with kingship in an attempt–a very successful attempt–to control emerging Bronze Age societies.

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