Samantha Bee puts the NRA before a firing squad


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Wow, she’s not obnoxious at all.


Thank you and the NRA thanks you and the TEAGOP THANKS YOU!

Now back to the nagging little issue of GUN CONTROL…


If people would knock it off with the Watch-list nonsense, I might be able to get behind this. As it stands, I’m content to temper my outrage that nothing is getting done. The Republicans may be doing it for all the wrong reasons, but as long as they stand against increasing the power of the PATRIOT Act, they’re doing the right thing.


The NRA has something like 5 million members. It seems like it should be pretty easy for gun control advocates to find 5 million people willing to pay $40 to take over the NRA and dismantle it from the inside democratically.


You’d think so, but the Violence Policy Center* can’t even break 6000 twitter followers. $40, given to an organization that they hate on the chance that if they get enough people to do it they can take over the vote might be too much.

But it’d be something I’d like to see. Maybe some sort of Kickstarter. Get 5 million+ volunteers, pre-screen some board members to elect, crowdfund the membership costs. Or just form your own group at that point. Then you don’t have to worry about the NRA changing their board to “Elected for life” or some other nonsense. Show them what a real grass roots organization can do.

*For comparison the NRA twitter feed has 367 thousand followers. Even the lobbying branch has 16 thousand.


I thought about that. The trouble is the NRA is still there and they are still going to be a more effective lobbying group than any group you can put together.


Came into the comments thinking ‘how many posts until the first pearl clutcher gets the vapours because she swears a couple of times’ and was not disappointed.

You actually managed to get the first post.

In the time it’s taken me to watch and type this, there has probably been another shooting. That’s worth a swear or two.


Pearl clutcher that’s so cute. Actually it was the sheer repetition of lame rhetoric laden talking points that I found obnoxious, give a shit about swear words.

In Chicago or some other lib controlled city no less.


I’ll just set this right here and then slowly back away from the person who seems to think that “our inability to listen to each other” only goes in one direction.


What’s your point? Mass shootings have gone up significantly since Obama took office?


hahahaha…somebody definitely needs a nap, some protein. Maybe a change of scenery.


Go for it; whatever puts you in a better mood.




The problem, or course, is not the NRA. They are a symptum. The problem is that the USA is adicted to guns. They just seem normal. Like cigarettes.


Interesting observation. That suggests gun manufacturers are analogous to the tobacco industry. Perhaps instead of directly restricting citizens’ ability to obtain weapons, the effort should be directed at making firearms more expensive and/or difficult to manufacture. The 2nd amendment speaks of a right to bear arms, but does not guarantee the right to be able to afford them.


You have bought into the NRA Boogeyman Hoax. In the first place Bloomberg alone outspends the NRA-ILA. Anti-gun groups as a whole, backed by socialist billionaires (Gates, Ballmer, etc) now outspend the NRA 8-1. Obviously it must be something more than money! Perhaps you discount the actual will of the people who vote for these congressmen, your privately financed and administered polls notwithstanding! Most pro-2A people are vociferous and politically astute - their repesentatives are told how they must vote. You only ave to look at the results of the mid-term elections to figure this out.


I missed the “tight, funny” part… Was it somewhere between all the screechy, soapbox, preachiness?

I know she’s hyped up as being some hilarious firebrand, but this was just the dumbed-down, pandering hysterical DO SOMETHING argument for gun control. (As opposed to the hysterical COLD DEAD HANDS argument of the pro-gun crowd.)


The 2nd Amendment was written in a vastly different era. A musket was as sophisticated as it got. Had the shooter in (insert mass shooting location here) been using a musket, the result would have much different.

I think the first three words of the 2nd Amendment are just as important as the last four.

Samantha Bee is good. I like her. Funny stuff.


Indeed. Such as the 18th century. When slavery was a-okay and women didn’t have the right to vote. We miraciously realized those things should change.


I suppose that’s Obama’s fault… I wonder why?