Samthana Bee parodies Project Veritas operative crumbling under reporters' questions

How could a Republican imagine such a thing exists?

You have essentially described my soon to be ex-workplace very accurately. How my boss and coworkers ‘feel’ about the ‘energy’ of various topics is far more important than objective facts. About 4-5 years ago I just stopped arguing about vaccines, climate change, the definition of ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘socialist’.

2 more weeks.

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You want funny? Obligatory:

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I’m glad to hear that your story is soon to be past tense, that sounds like a nightmare hellscape.

It’s not all puppies and sunshine in ‘facts’ land; there’s a reason why people always have to be reminded that they aren’t entitled to their personal set; but interacting with someone who believes a bunch of blatantly false things is still working on epistemological common ground, albeit contested, while dealing with people who give primacy to feels is just a morass of emitting (usually perturbed) mouth noises orthogonal to each other.

Not a pleasant business.

I am totally stealing ‘Dunning-Krugeresque trance’.

Wow, Samantha Bee just isn’t funny.

I find her funny as fuck. But yeah, this skit wasn’t much more than a web extra.

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