San Bernardino Deputy Caught On Video Threatening To Create Charges



Another emboldened little authoritarian. Great.

Can we start using ‘Mussolini’ as a pluralized noun to refer to these societal dead-ends?


A Plutino is a small Pluto.

Would a Mussolino be a little Mussolo?


I don’t know, but it sounds like we have two good choices so let’s unleash them on the threads and see which one sticks.


Busted. I think he should lose his job, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. My guess? A short suspension and a lame apology, and it’s back to “normal”. Excuse my skepticism, but history would suggest his job is still safe.


Any idea why the news mob put up the text ‘Deputy “creates” controversy’?


they are just coming out of the woodwork now.


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