Sanders and Warren issue joint statement slamming Trump's new finance industry alligator for his private DC swamp

I took a quick gander at Breitbart but didn’t see any “front page” posts questioning Trump’s cabinet choices at all. Where should I be looking?

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Hey, yeah. What does it even mean that he made a deal with Carrier?

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Yeah, by getting Pence to give them $700k of tax breaks that he couldn’t be arsed to do when he was just governor of the state.


Sadly, the first 5 rounds of ‘Do Crazy shit - bad shit happens - blame liberals and double down on crazy shit’ will be painful to watch and endure.

Evidence that they are wrong won’t ever make a difference. If tax cuts for oligarchs don’t stimulate the economy, then do more tax cuts for oligarchs, obviously. If repression doesn’t prevent all terror attacks everywhere, then do more repression. If being cruel to GLBTQ doesn’t immediately transform the US into Mayberry, then be more cruel.

Because for a true believer of any stripe, evidence that they are wrong is always evidence that their principles haven’t been tried hard enough.

For bonus points, blame an outsider, or better yet a threat from within.


Do we know that’s what was done?
I thought the details so far have been kept foggy — something involving Trump’s magical dealing powers and his force of personality.


Aparantly you have never heard of Batman.

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Scroll down past all the Kellogg’s nonsense to the actual cabinet appointments like this “article”:


That and some threats about federal contracts for their parent company, it sounds like. The whole thing is very fishy smelling, shockingly.


White Supremacy IS a hell of a drug. Even the democratic politicians are on it, loathe as they’d like to admit.


I don’t think I’d ever actually looked at breitbart before. Good God, the comments. Wow.


Yeah I have to agree with you. I really didn’t see this coming. I guess that is naive, but just filling the Treasury with Goldman Sachs execs?

It’s like, OK, so we’re not even going to pretend anything he said was real.

I think I’m all for it. If his voter base is against him before he even takes office, the rank and file Republicans will have itchy trigger fingers.


Amusingly, one that Trump has sued in the past.


I do notice some people who supported him (to the point of threatening armed rebellion if he lost) starting to sit up and essentially say, “Wait a minute! What are you doing? What about the swamp and the draining, and… and…”

Trump kept calling himself “Mr. Brexit.” How right he was. People immediately started regretting their vote as they realized, too late, they had voted against their interests. (Something that they should have figured out beforehand, but were dazzled by the false promises and appealingly racist rhetoric.)

I did wonder how long it would take before he abandoned any pretense of keeping with his campaign promises, and I have to say, this happened much more quickly and more overtly than I expected.

I was listening to some analysis on the radio today where it was pointed out that Pence specifically spoke out very strongly against incentives to keep companies in the country when Obama was for them, but now apparently had no problem with them as long as he was the one doing it.

After they themselves voted for him, presumably. Though it’s pretty weird to go on what’s essentially Trump’s semi-official propaganda machine to blame someone else for him…


Um, yeah, it does - above a certain amount and you’re a fucking parasite.


The magic $700,000 Pence deal is precisely what Trump criticized on the campaign trail. He said you don’t offer companies the carrot of tax breaks, etc. You give them the stick of tariffs, etc.

Just toss that one on the pile.

(Pile’s awfully big, and he’s still got 7 weeks to go before he takes office.)


It isn’t all about you.


How can people take a man seriously whose name I can only read as “Munchkin”?


I thought his name was funny until I read his career highlights. It’s like Trump is assembling a hit squad.


That’s because the arctic is 36 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal and the cold air’s effectively getting pushed down here.

Don’t worry bud, it won’t last much longer…


No no no, this is the Clinton Conspiracy Hit Squad, hand picked by Criminal Clinton; get with the new program. :wink: