Santa Monica's lost Googie diner may reopen

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I’m more of a Rae’s guy when it comes to Santa Monica diners, but this is a nice Googie space that I agree should exist as a restaurant. I will give some credit to the dentist for not doing serious alterations to the exterior and for keeping the big penguin on the sign. I hope Mel’s does the same.

As kid in Southern California my family would sometimes eat at the unfortunately themed Sambo’s


Is Mel’s better than Bob’s Big Boy?


Man, this brings back memories. Every time we went to visit the grandparents, we drove down Lincoln and saw this place. Never once ate there though…

And on the Sambo’s thing, we had one near our house in Torrance. Remember the very large paintings on the wall of the little kid being chased by a tiger I think it was?

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Much as I’m excited to see that building return to glory, we don’t need a Norm’s replacement - Swingers is right up the street! Hardcore Soy Shake 4-Eva.

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