Sarah Sanders demands socialist federal money to pay for tornado damage

The bases have their own school system, wholly separate from the surrounding community public schools. As in, if you don’t live on base, you don’t go to school on base.


I guess I’m still puzzled. The DoD claims to run 161 schools on bases in the US. Those are not accessible to people outside the base. “System” to me means “multiple schools joined under a common umbrella.” So are there only two bases that have multiple schools on them?

ETA:, or: "DoDEA operates 160 schools in 8 Districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, and 2 territories across 10 time zones. " according to the most recent: Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) | DoDEA

I’m not trying to be pedantic. Just trying to figure out which two bases run a system as opposed to a singular school.


Does the Louvre have a basement?


I’d love to see a Sanders-Biden moment like the Christie-Obama event after Superstorm Sandy.


Oh, wow, I was under the impression that only Kentucky’s bases had their own schools. Still, there are a lot of bases in a lot of states that don’t have US government schools.

It’s multiple schools at the bases in Kentucky - elementary, junior high and high school are all separate buildings. The high school at one of these bases is pretty new, constructed in/around 2016-2017. It’s nice, too. (We have a family tradition if touring Mr. Kidd’s projects shortly before completion, this was one of them.)

@j9c: yes?


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