Sarah Sanders invents treason, suggests death penalty for Democratic leadership

The fact remains that he only has loyalty to himself and has more regard for Putin than he does The United States.


If they didn’t violate the law they have nothing to fear.


This is a whistle to the MAGA base. This is their plan.

I hope the security teams for the Democrats realize this.


Sarah Sanders seems to use lies to call for the death of her enemies.

She’s gone completely Sarah Palin.


I read that as she was saying the Democratic leadership was saying Trump was guilty of treason and therefor subject to the capital punishment.

Was I reading that wrong?


My previous reply looks to have been eaten. Okay, whatever.

To everyone who’s hearing this the other way (as I did), some important context from remarks that Trump just gave:

“There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, some bad things, I would say some treasonous things against our country,” he told reporters during an Oval Office meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

This headline really only makes sense when you put the two together.


I also interpreted it that way. This reminds me a little bit of the ‘you didn’t build that’ episode with Obama a few years ago. Remember that madness? When the the whole american right misinterpreted his statement as meaning that small business owners didn’t build their businesses, instead of the more obvious interpretation that they didn’t build the infrastructure their businesses relied on?



The US Congress never actually declared war on North Korea – the war there was authorised by a UN Security Council resolution and the USA basically went along for the ride.

In fact, the last time Congress declared war on any other country was during WWII, against Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania on 5 June 1942. At that point these countries were part of the German-Italian Axis and as such could reasonably be considered enemies.

All other military engagements since then – from Vietnam to the various wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – have never been formally declared by Congress (although Congress did usually authorise military operations), and of course there’s a whole bunch of military actions that were launched simply on the authority of the incumbent POTUS.


You won’t find many people here who agree with you on the bootlickers mantra, The same was true even before Trump got into the White House.


I’m not treason, you’re treason!


Somehow, blasphemy is (deliberately) be equated to treason, for some strange reason.

Thankfully, the first amendment make laws on blasphemy inherently unconstitutional.


How does blasphemy enter into this? Have I missed Trump declaring himself a deity?

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Treason is being the agent of a foreign power, not suspecting/investigating/accusing someone else of being an agent of a foreign power.

Conservatives have a long history of playing fast-and-loose with “treason” as it suits their needs. For example, an awful lot of right-wing bloggers and pundits accused Obama of being a traitor or Muslim sleeper agent.


For the record, treason is actually the only crime specified in the US Constitution, and it says

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

That obviously doesn’t apply here. I’d like to suggest, with the greatest possible respect, that Ms. Sanders take remedial civics lessons so that in the future she will be able to avoid embarrassing herself by saying silly things in public.


So, would someone crazy, dishonest and Un-American enough to accuse a sitting president of being a foreign born Muslim spy similarly be put to death? Just a hypothetical.


Traitors don’t have to be executed. According to 18 U.S.C. §2381, the alternative is at least five years in prison and a fine of at least $10,000, plus you don’t get to hold federal office from then on.


I find the suggestion that the phrasing is deliberately ambiguous pretty compelling, personally. Certainly, on reading it my first parse was that Sanders was saying “accusing the president (…) is punishable by death”. And there’ll likely be someone with much more inclination to commit violence on behalf of the President who draws the same conclusion.


Everyone seems to, really. Not just conservatives. At best you can make a case for who does it more (which I do suspect conservatives edge out liberals slightly).