Busted: Fox host Chris Wallace fact checks Sarah Sanders on air

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Liars gonna lie. Better when they get called out by their own, though.


What a disgusting woman. She should be interrupted with facts every time she opens her mouth.


And nothing changes. I don’t understand people’s ability to shed information like this as if it didn’t even happen.


Well, I for one won’t be surprised when Chris Wallace is announced to have retired “to spend more time with his family” some time in the next week.


Shamelessness is a form of superpower. The ability to remain confident that 2+2=5 and to use it as the cornerstone of your argument up to and including the moment that someone explains that it’s not right and then instantly pivot to “hardworking families aren’t concerned with what egghead mathematicians say” is a hell of a powerful skill to have when you’re an amoral dirt bag.

It’s the same skill that let’s someone who literally lives in a gold penthouse in Manhattan and manufactures his cheap shit in China to campaign as a working class hero who cares about American manufacturing.


We value life, it’s what makes us unique…yadda yadda yadda.



I mean, I’m pretty frustrated with the entirety of the administration, but Sarah Sanders is at the front of the pack. How can she just lie so much and feel fine with it? She has to say some absolute lies, and she speaks them to the American People on what seems like a daily basis. I just don’t understand. Personally, I couldn’t stand doing her job and after about the second lie I had to tell, I would have quit. My conscience wouldn’t let me get away with it for very long. How does this woman sleep at night, knowing the lies she’s spouting all the time?

She’s garbage. What a miserable human being she must be.


Wallace can match his father any day for this kind of confrontational interview. He’s talked about why he’s at Fox News, but he really does himself and everyone else a disservice by staying with them and hobbling himself.

One that is limited to white people in American politics and big business.

Considering the family she comes from, I would have been amazed if she didn’t turn out that way. Her father is one of America’s foremost Xtianist hypocrites and her brother tortured and killed a dog when he was a teenager.


Look at the family she sprung from. Lies are simply second nature, so she’s been conditioned to bear that cognitive dissonance since childhood.


“Our President’s number one job is to protect the citizens”

Agreed Sarah…Now what is Nostradumbass going to do about the biggest REAL threat we face every day?


Not for nothing, but that isn’t the President’s number one job. The President doesn’t take an oath to “protect the citizens,” he takes an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Any time the President or Congress starts trotting out that they have to do what they’re doing to “protect” us and everything else is a secondary concern, we should worry. See, e.g. the Patriot Act.


Limited to white people in American politics and big business? This is sarcasm right?


I am quoting what she said. I am holding HER accountable to HER words. I am not defining what the position of POTUS is supposed or not supposed to do.

Now if you want to get into the nit picky specifics of what she said and what the oath of the office is…well…“protecting the citizens” is absolutely in there, as the Constitution is literally about protecting the citizens…

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The issue I think that is questionable here is what Nostradumbass and by extension Sarah “I am actually Mike Huckabee wearing a wig and dress” Huckabee Sanders believe “protecting the citizens” actually means. They seem to think it means physical protection only and specifically physical protection from illegal immigration and porous open borders. As where I (and I think you may concur) protecting people is about protecting our rights…ALL OF OUR rights, not just those of a specific race, social/economic status, or even citizenship status; AS WELL AS protecting our physical persons from harm (when applicable).

Which gets to my point where if they are just focused on protecting the physical well-being and safety of American citizens…which seems to be the only bone these single minded dogs can latch onto…then the “porous open border” is NOT the biggest threat now is it…that would be mass shootings and gun violence in this nation. America First right? (asking Sarah on this really, not you directly) American citizens lives are more important right?..so if that is the case, ok, I will play your little game…address the real threat to us every day. It isn’t an illegal immigrant, it’s your dumbass American citizen who voted for you and is stockpiling weapons.


There are areas of public sphere like showbiz where non-whites like Kanye West are granted that superpower at full strength, but corporate executives and politicians don’t enjoy its full effect if they’re not white.


I’m pretty good at reading people, and I did not see any “child caught in a lie” on her face. She seemed completely convinced of the diversion she was laying down - “land, sea, and air”…


I should have clarified that I was criticizing her position, not your restatement of it. Justifying actions by the state like this by leaning on a paternalistic view of our government is scary to me.


Every breath you take, every lie you make, we’ll be watching you.

Agreed…but if 45’s Administration was spouting this while addressing gun ownership and violence in the US and using the actual data around mass shootings as a catalyst for gun/2nd amendment reform…

I and I think you too would be applauding them for it.

A la…