Satanic Temple opens abortion clinic named after anti-choice Supreme Court Justice Alito

He’s got some hard-won perspective for sure. It’s great that the lesson he took from his awful background is to be a more empathetic and engaged human.


It’s odd that he asks why the “Contagion Left” thinks that only right wing ideas are contagious, after he has confessed how contagious right wing ideas can be:

I believe this because – and I hate to break it to you – I was once a far right, racist, homophobic, libertarian shitgibbon. […] Years later, after I’d come out and found some more moderate views, the Alt-Right came along, and it spoke to me in a visceral way. You can read about that experience in my article about Sam Harris. I was on the cusp of intense radicalization by the online right.


Yeah, any time you begin by categorizing large swaths of people, especially when your representative samples exist on the internet, you’re probably missing something important. But since it seems to be part of his journey away from bigotry, it doesn’t seem to be classic both-sideism.


Satanic Temple? SPLITTERS!


IMO, belief in “satan” presupposes a belief in the christian “god”.
while i support the TST “drivng trolleys” all over the religious right wingers, it is all just that - and a lovely bit of theater.
if this clinic can actually help women who have lost the right to their own body autonomy, i applaud the move. how long can it stand in today’s rotten religious extremist environment, remains to be seen.
i just hope this does have a beneficial outcome for women who need them.


TST don’t actually believe in either. If anything it’s culturejamming the USA legal position that 1A protects freedom to worship any deity, but doesn’t protect not believing in any deity.

Which, taking a step back and looking at the framers… It almost makes me want to build a seance machine and wheel it to SCOTUS.


The enemy of my enemy is just another risk to consider :person_shrugging:

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opening the Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic

That is right up there with “Eunice Crabtree’s Bait Shop and Chainsaw Repair” and “Something, Something Cut-Rate Beauty Parlor and Bait Shop”

Can’t exactly remember but those were the actual names of gay/lesbian bars in Birmingham in the late 80s, early 90s.


Yeah, that was a real “you’re all full of shit” moment for me as a young fundie kid steeped in the 80s Satanic Panic (we even volunteered to make VHS copies of Hell’s Bells for other churches because dad had a VCR and camcorder!). Like, if you believe in god to the degree you believe in Satan, you’re just picking the losing side, right? Why would anyone do that?

I was born completely devoid of that magical ingredient “faith”, so my cosmology had to be logic-based and empirical. Reading Greek mythology and living through the 80s cured me completely.

ETA: Of course, I fell down my own rabbit hole and began watching Hell’s Bells. What a masterpiece. I can’t recommend anyone endure the full 3 hours (!!!), but it’s definitely worth skipping to about 2:04 to see how they hold up Mick Fleetwood as the exemplar of Satanic possession. “What is wrong with this man!?!” :rofl:


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