📡 💻 On Boing Boing, 'It Is Known...' 📺 📱


Once you’ve been a member of BB long enough, there are certain aspects of this site that are just a given.

For instance, it is known that whiny, nitpicky complaints about the site, the staff or general content will inevitably garner a sarcastic response asking:

“Are you disappointed?”

So since I’m bored, I’ve decided to start yet another new game:

What other constants about the site are ‘known?’ All responses should start out with that phrase.

For instance:

It Is Known that Cory Doctorow’s posts are often very hyperbolic, especially in the title.
(And complaining about it endlessly won’t change that.)

It Is Known that Rob’s shoops require having Eye Bleach at the ready, should you be brave/foolish enough to hazard taking a look.

It Is Known that any mentions of bananas will cause someone to exclaim “Just look at it!”


It Is Known that admitting disappointment will get you put on the list.


It Is Known that Florida man is the World’s Worst Superhero.


It Is Known that Florida man is a gentleman.


It is known that
One return carriage.

Two return carriages.

Three return carriages.


It Is Known that Rob Ford may have met with some mortal misfortune. (See other thread, or make one if you can’t find it.)


It Is Known that all BB store products come with a lifetime subscription.


It Is Known that Jason misses many things.


It is known that the correct way to derail a BB thread is with puns, not with concern trolling.


It is known that the reason @Falcor was hired as moderator is that luck dragons eat trolls. Antinous had been burying them under the flowerbed out back, and we were running out of room.


It Is Known that I’m concerned you haven’t capitalized a sufficient number of words in your contribution, and The Children might be unduly influenced by your poor example.

Well, it’s known now, anyway.

Ahem. Rerailing now:

It Is Known that the safe has been opened, it contained nothing but stale air and flakes of rust, and Rob will never, ever admit it.



It Is Known that we miss Maggie.


it is known that the best (worst) bb trolls are the most subtle ones.








That there are ways around the 6 character limit.


It is known that arcane references can be made that are too arcane even for this site.

(I’ve only really been here since '07 but I’ll bet less than 20 people know what the hell I’m on about. Hint: Elvis.)


It is known that like-farming is permissible.