Save $114 on this washable pet furniture protector


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Merry Christmas, Boing Boing :heart:


This is the obvious product for the day if you have Fleas on the Dog


Note: I do not endorse this article, and you are under no obligation to read it. Just enjoy the absurdity of the headline.


we just have an old but warm blanket that is the top layer for the bed and now the cat gets upset if it isn’t there.


Ummm… have you read that article?


Not entirely. To me it seems absurd. II should add a note to it that no one is expected to read the article, only enjoy the headline.


The headline is wonderful. The website is deplorable.


Just cover everything in plastic like your grandmother does.


Thanks, anonymous author person!


Damn, and I just paid 3 bucks for one of those blankets from the charity store…


We have a fuzzy blanket that gets covered with an old sheet on our bed as our pet defense system - one of the cats likes towels, so there’s usually one of those as well. The youngest cat likes to tunnel under the sheet.






Worse than that. It appears the website is for “New Right” who believe themselves to be intellectuals with an IQ above 120.

Here’s a choice quote:
Our entire project is motivated by consciousness of an existential threat. European peoples, both in our mother continent and scattered around the globe, now live under a cultural, political, and economic system that has set our race on the path to cultural decadence and demographic decline. If these trends are not reversed, whites will disappear as a distinct race. The incomparable light we bring to the world will be extinguished, and the greatness of our achievements will be preserved only in fragments, like the scraps of literature, shards of pottery, and shattered artworks that survived the wreck of pagan antiquity.

How an article speculating on the religion of a dog fits into this plan, I can’t imagine. I was just looking for a picture of a collie when I stumbled upon the article.


Or you could just crochet your pet an afghan.

Then you’d know how to crochet, and you’d have an afghan.


Well, $114 sure is a wonderful discount! Hey, wait… I can save the $25.99 as well. Thanks boingboing!


I’m glad there’s finally protection for my furniture. Those washable pets are so troublesome sometimes, let me tell ya.


Or learn to quilt. Definitely not a cost savings, though.


You might be disappointed. This is something to protect your washable pet furniture, so if they have furniture, it’ll do a great job at protecting it.

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