Save 15% on this craft tequila that comes with free shipping right to your door

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Don’t buy it. It is crappy tequila. A panel rating of 59 is trash.


No tequila looks like that from a barrel. That’s got molasses in it. Likely purchased in bulk or commissioned like so many of the entrepreneur brands (Cabo Wabo, Casamigos) and then dressed up with adjuncts until palatable.

ETA: Didn’t bother to read the copy:

Just, ugh. First of all, that’s a terrible way to sell something. Secondly, it is patently false. Any decent tequila has zero “unmistakable burn” as does any decent spirit. It’s indicative of a poor fermentation and distillation process. This is the reason many Caribbean rums are awful and have molasses added. They are using very bad mixed cultures to ferment and the distilling technique is nonexistent. Bad technique has become so conflated with spirits that the flaws become tasting notes. I’ve heard people praise whiskeys whose dominant note is derived from grain mold. Unless you had smelled and distilled it, you would likely never know what it was and assume it was due to some secret process the distiller employed. Nope, it’s just grain that was too ■■■■■ and got warm.


If your tequila looks like dark brown pond water, do not drink it.


If it’s not Tres Comas, why bother?


I didn’t actually get past the “craft tequila”

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Did you just black out “■■■■■”?

Edit: it’s the forum software that does it. Very funny.


Even in code boxes!

m o i s t

There we go!

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