Save over 45% on this fondue set that's perfect for fall and winter

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so you’ll be ready for the time when America can go back to having garage sales.


Look in your least used closet. There is already a fondue set in there.


After the past 4 years, the number 45 is permanently associated with egregious mistakes. I will pass on anything 45% off, or $45, or any usage of the number other than in the phrase “the former 45th president”


Don’t let anybody see it, or else you’ll end up with 3 more before you know it.


I happen to like fondue (cheese fondue). I make it in a regular pot. Works out much better, and doesn’t need any fancy special equipment.

What works even better is using the cheap glass/ceramic bowl that you already have and heating it up in the microwave.


Hell no. Don’t want to end up in the lake with weights on my ankles.

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I lived in Switzerland for 13 years, cheese Fondue is a semi regular dinner. Broth type Fondue as well.

For my money, Rocklette is more fun and better food if you want a fun Swiss group meal.

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Yeah, Raclette rocks!

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