Scalzi's latest Old Man's War novel hits shelves today!

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I read each part as it came out. Loved it, as I always do.

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Cue the Gamergaters/Sad Puppies accusing your of promoting Scalzi without disclosing your relationship again.

A sixth? I didn’t know there was a fifth.

I really liked the first one (I think I got it in Cory’s Humble Book bundle, actually), but I think it suffered from diminishing returns, especially when 4 was just 3 again rather than a new story.

The Human Division was released as a digital serial last year (and then a full length book). This one is the conclusion to the storyline started in that book. I preferred this year’s method of only releasing 4 separate novellas, instead of the 13 separate shorter serials he did last year, but perhaps this year’s story was better suited to this format.

Oh, and regarding Scalzi, Doctorow, and GamerGaters… This gem from Scalzi is presented for one’s enjoyment:

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