Scandal in Weymouth, England, over pavement color selection

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I’m a bit surprised that paint color customization is enough of a thing with the harder-wearing surface finishes that they would have gotten to the point where someone managed to pick such an exquisitely mucosal shade of pale green; rather than just choosing between ‘white marking’, ‘yellow marking’; and the maybe dozen variants of ‘inoffensive and vaguely reminiscent of stone’ in the vendor’s brochure of standard options.

I would never have doubted that, for a price, you could have absolutely any color you wish formulated; even in fancy thermoplastic marking paint or epoxy formulations; but I would have assumed that the typical use cases are narrow and vast enough that there would be a set of standard options with lower costs and shorter lead times that you’d need a strong reason not to choose.


Pantone XYZ-12345, British Institutional Puke Green


Otherwise known as Hospital Green due to hospitals and various other institutions traditionally painting their walls in that colour.

Obviously somone had a job lot and thought they could get away with painting the pavement with it.

I mean what’s a pavement but a wall that’s lying down on the job?


And a wall is just a pavement that got a bit uppity.


Pavement color often ruins ones day.


Let’s hope they can get it done before the Google Earth satellite reveals this scandal to the entire world.


I knew if I read BoingBoing for long enough my sleepy hometown would eventually make the front page. And it’s the Shrek Green pavement that did it.

What’s not shown is out of shot to the right is a line of bars and pubs, one being a favourite amongst the younger “I can’t hold my beer” crowd (I was one of them once). Many locals believe they went for this colour on the basis it would be the perfect cover for the inevitable ejection of said beer.


A long time ago, my neighbors had the stucco on their house redone. During application it looked a little off, but by the end of the day, their house was a somewhat vibrant green. I remember my Mom calling home to check on me after school*, and telling her “Joe and Lani’s house is plastic armyman green”!

*free range latchkey kid, land line, not a scandal !


Ha ha, mine did a few years ago, and not for something great either. (Green pavement would have been preferable as a reason, in my hometown’s case.)


I once saw two shades of that in a paint catalogue named, respectively, Shipwreck and Raft.


if you puke no one will notice …maybe

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