Scandals hit US Agency for Global Media which runs VOA, Radio Martí, TV Martí

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The U.S. government agency tasked with broadcasting American values to the world behaves like it has no values at all.

Then it’s going as planned…


So Fake receipts to go with fake news.

They’ve always been the propaganda arm of the US state, so this little scandal confirms their existing reputation.


The reporter’s last name is Regalado? I couldn’t think of a more appropriate example of Nominative Determinism.

The literal translation is “gifted” but at least in Venezuela i would interpret the last name to also mean in some instances as “given away”, which fits the corruption theme.


So… it can/will get worse then? Super.


I know it’s trivial in the scheme of things, but it ticks me off that a “reporter” can’t spell taken. Also, fucker’s a propagandist, not a reporter or journalist.


I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised that this is the US equivalent of RT. I guess it’s the same delusion that makes people think that MSNBC is less a propaganda outlet than Fox News.


They also run “” (How accurate are polygraphs?), desperately trying to find something Russian they can debunk:

Your tax dollars at work.

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Last I looked, MsNBC hasn’t been run by the DNC. Unlike Fox & RNC. Fox is strictly a propaganda outlet, with orders from the “highest levels” to “make stuff up”. That’s documented.

Of course, all private media in USA are commercial propagandists – their job is to grab eyeballs to sell to sponsors. The audience is the product. Any outlet will do whatever it takes to grab a worthy demographic. Berlusconi put naked women on Italian TV to grab male eyeballs. Fox vixen display almost as much flesh. Do MsNBC women flash cleavage and thighs?

Wait for Trump’s executive order placing US media networks under VOA control.

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This seems, errrrr… apt.

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Gente muy buena.

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The U.S. government agency tasked with broadcasting American values to the world behaves like it has no values at all.

Well, what values do we have?
Supporting avaricious pigs exploiting workers and corrupting our elected officials, like every shithole nation ever?
Running concentration camps?
And what kind of people are even interested in working in BS spewing propaganda work?

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In the case of Radio Martí and TV Martí, right-wing Cuban-Americans who dream of overthrowing the communist government and getting their families’ lands back.

Well, beyond the local party politics, most of the major American media are spouting some kind of propaganda. Only it’s most likely of the self-reinforcing kind, not the paid-for kind.
After all, no one would doubt that America is the Greatest Nation on the planet, even not mentioning that fact for too long would seem unpatriotic. And while there might be debate about the wisdom of attacking one of America’s enemies, and an administration might even be criticized for using lies to justify military action, the big media outlets would never doubt who America’s enemies are, because doing so would be giving them aid and comfort - and that would be treason.

I mean, look at this opinion piece on Iran published on It’s firmly anti-Trump, and calls his policy on Iran a “spectacular failure”.
But it also refers to Iran as “enemy soil” and considers Iran producing nuclear fuel for its own reactors half a planet away from America a “national security threat”.
It’s not US government or RNC propaganda. But I’d still call that war propaganda.


Must one be prejudiced to be anti-Trump? Can’t we judge his statements, spewed from a shitstain on the face of the planet? He said he wanted to fuck his underage daughter, and bragged of assaults. He said “Confiscate guns first; due process later.” Twice. He said there are good Nazis. That’s enough grounds to despise the turd. The rest is gravy.

Do you think MsNBC is beholden to the Demo party? Who owns MsNBC? Comcast, totally – not exactly a radical liberal group. “The Worst Company in America” said [The Consumerist].

Again, US commercial media sell eyeballs to sponsors, and do whatever is needed to grab those eyeballs. Fox has their cultivated audience. MsNBC has a rather different audience. Both are out to make money. Oh no, Fox has been losing sponsors! Time to re-program.

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No. One only needs to be sane.

No idea. All I know is that it is not as beholden to the Republicans as Fox news is.

You’ve apparently been misunderstanding me completely. I have not been defending Trump, or his policies, or Fox. I completely agree that Fox is worse in every way than MSNBC.

I do however still claim that MSNBC is full of militarist war-mongering propaganda, although I infinitely prefer what MSNBC does to the right-wing utra-militarist war-mongering propaganda by Fox and the wannabe nazis in the Trump administration.

It’s a said thing that the strongest mainstream opposition to military aggression in America seems to be “This is not the right moment to attack our enemies”.
Because if that’s the full spectrum of opinions that most of the electorate is exposed to, it’s only a matter of time until another country gets bombed. And the victims won’t care if the war-criminal-in-chief was a pussy-grabber or an otherwise civilized person.

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