School police officer removed after ticketing principal for parking in disabled space


Laziness isn’t a disability.


So ivory tower educators in southwest ohio k-8 public schools wield more power than police? what time line am I in again?


I was going to comment on this. Just because there is enough space to park a car here doesn’t make it a parking spot. My father is a quadriplegic and needs that space for his ramp so he can exit his vehicle. Parking in a spot like this is just plain ignorant.


The school police aren’t the ones in charge of law enforcement. They answer to the school district’s administrators (ETA) and serve at their whim.


Morally handicapped, and he’s the real victim here. /s


Speculating, but I’ll bet the only reason they were reassigned instead of fired is because for any government employee, in order to fire them they have to be given notice and a chance to contest the decision. In a case like this there would be a hearing, and it would become part of the record why the officer gave the principal the ticket. Reassignment gets rid of the officer from that school and saves the principal the embarrassment of having to explain their decision to fire…


It’s actually a good way for principals to get constructive criticism from their students.


Maybe a factor, but not every petty workplace conflict ends with one party demanding the termination of the other.


In my experience, many delivery drivers are told to use the reserved spots to speed up their deliveries, or get fired.

Of course, if they get a parking ticket, they’re also fired.

Part and parcel of the current gilded age’s attitude of “squeeze the little people out of every penny.”


The principal should do community service for illegal parking, then be fired for removing the officer who was just doing his job.


He made a big mistake. He should have had some other officer give the ticket. Ticketing your boss isn’t a good idea.


I would have a lot more respect for a principal who took the bus once a week. Similarly, I wish more city officials would commute on the transit systems they are responsible for…


Well then good news!

The Principle isn’t that cop’s boss.

The chief of police is.

The school asks the PD for an SRO to help them. The SRO isn’t an employee of the school any more than the students are.


Sounds like he even gave a verbal warning and only a ticket after that didn’t stop the illegal parking.


So many services/products would be drastically improved if they were actually used by people responsible for overseeing them.


But clearly the principal was (mentally) disabled…


The secondary school I attended had a very unpopular Assistant Head Teacher. One of the pupils decided to express their dislike of the chap by painting up an insulting message in foot tall letters on a wall opposite the school entrance. There was injury added to the insult, as the perpetrator revealed the level of education imparted by the establishment, “[insert name here] is a bastid.”


Romanes eunt domus?


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