School police officer removed after ticketing principal for parking in disabled space


“6-8 Pod Principal”? Is this a school for Dolphins, or something more sinister?


If you’re in the United States, I wonder if a quiet question to Human Resources about whether the delivery drivers parking there and preventing the handicapped spaces from being used effectively is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act or something similar might light a fire under them.


It could be a symptom of Apple branding infestation. My local district is full of school-issued iPads and iPods. Even though I’m not a fan of their products, part of me wants to ask if taxpayers can get the cast-offs, since we paid for them.



Multiple local news reports indicate the gender of the principal in question to be female.


Enforcing the rules and pissing off powerful people is probably what got this officer made a School Resource Officer in the first place.


It was apparently Carrie Boyer, on the left.


I’d love to see a tight semi-circle of people in wheelchairs blocking her entrance to the courtroom.


If there’s a dedicated Pricipal’s spot and someone else parked in it, then that still doesn’t mean the Principal didn’t park illegally . He still deserves a ticket, even if someone else does as well.


It’s a trick question. The real a-hole is the Superintendent who wouldnt rein in his principal:


If my kid keyed that principal’s car and got caught, I’d get a custom bumper sticker to brag about it.


Gee. And I was starting down a lady who parked between two handicapped spots, as I was pulling out of one, and left the car running with her elderly mom inside.
After all, it’s not like there weren’t other spots available…oh wait, there were like 10 other spots available, but the lady had to walk maybe 50’ more to park in a spot.
Sometimes I don’t know why I don’t carry a shiv.


“Rules are for the little people…”


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