Scientists create blackest black yet






How long until I can buy clothing made out of this stuff?


They were immediately pulled over by the police.


I got the impression that Fuligin was a thing of the far future.


I came to the comments section for a HHGTTG reference and was disappointed.


I was going to post, but I’m temporalily dead for tax purposes.


In B4 “I’m bliggitty bliggity blacker than black, ya’ll”





Note only optically superior, but has the mechanical and chemical properties to make it immediately useful.

Cool stuff!


Thank you, thank you, peterk, for recognizing that the correct name for this color is “fuligin”.


I wear vantablack on the outside because vantablack is how I feel on the inside.


That came to mind for me as well.


Isn’t this what the TMA-1 monolith was made out of?



So -#000000?


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:36995”]
The UK company believes it has created the darkest material ever.
[/quote]Ninja assassins have even darker materials at their disposal, but by the time most people find that out they are already dead.




As often happens with scientific discoveries, the inspiration for the development of this material had a rather unusual origin. Some of our scientists were discussing American politics and began musing about the composition of Dick Cheney's soul...