Scientists declare octopi life from another world


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I can’t speak to the amino acids but certainly the DNA is the giveaway. There’s enough randomness in DNA that the only way for huge sections to be shared is common ancestry.


English: Octopuses
Latin: Octopodes
Never: Octopi




There’s a rare few journals that publish the occasional open access piece. Usually, (like in this case,) it’s reserved for review pieces and rebuttals, rather than novel data.


Where did you find the paper? I’d like to read it, but I’ve failed to find it because they didn’t link to it, name it, or anyone who worked on it in the article, and I seem to regard Express as “fairly unreliable.”


Yes, I’m aware. It’s true across academic fields, of course.


Of course. I forgot academia is an area you know well.


Not all of academia of course, just my dusty, provincial corner of it! :wink:


If the wording seems to sound like intelligent design, it’s because it about as equally evidence-based.

“This is weird and I can’t explain it, therefore aliens” seems about as rigorous as “This is weird and I can’t explain it, therefore God.”


so what? this is meaningless. genetic complexity doesn’t correlate like they indicate. many species have far more protein-coding genes than humans. plants. shrimp. etc.

That’s how evolution works. You don’t find any evolutionary breakthrough prior to it first happening. Sometimes certain changes occur many times independently but more typically it happens exactly like this, which they should know if they did any science.

bullshit. these people aren’t real scientists are they? is this a hoax? or a flat-earth “truth turd”?
we know octopus evolved on earth because they share the same genetics pieces as everything else on earth in the same genetic tree up until they diverged. we know they evolved on earth because of fossil records. we know they evolved on earth because all life on earth we’ve encountered so far has no matter how strange or fantastic it might seem.

yeah, definitely not scientists. no it is not plausible, not even remotely.

yep. alternative fact based science.

yep to what @Andrew_Glasgow says above.



most things do:

like the Atlas blue Butterfly, which is just a bag of chromosomes with wings.


And if it had been the Mail it would have been ‘Octopuses cure/cause* cancer’ (*delete as applicable)


I could buy alien life having the same 20 amino acids as us, conceivably. The same 20 amino acids AND the exact same three-base codons encoding them AND the same mechanism (aminoacyl-tRNA delivering the amino acids to a ribosome and utilizing the same enzymes as other earthly life to join it with other amino acids according to an mRNA strand transcribed from DNA using the same enzymes as other earthly life)? Nuh-uh. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.




I would have trouble believing even just the amino acid bit, that knowing that those are just the 20 earth life incorporate into our regular proteins. There are many other amino acids used by Eukaryotes in extra-ribosomal polypeptides, though as far as I know they all use the same 20 for the standard ribosomal proteins.


The linked article does name the paper.

Here’s a link.


What I’m saying is, if we found a putative alien life form and it had the same 20 amino acids but had a completely different (though probably similar in an analogous way) mechanism for producing polypeptides, it would still be plausible that it was from an alien tree of life.


Gotcha. And I’d have to agree, that’s an entirely plausible explanation.


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