Scientists declare octopi life from another world



I recommend using the Daily Mail as cavity insulation; doesn’t have to be a paywall.


I just hope our future cephalopod overlords take note that I gave up eating them some time ago, even though they are all quite delicious.


FIY “plausable” means undisputed fact


I don’t think any super intelligent alien cephalopod is going to mind that we are eating the ones on the level found on earth, they likely would eat them as well.

just like we wouldn’t mind if they ate lower order mammals like rats on their planet.

i’d be more worried that they would try and eat us or that we would try and eat them…we are both species that are very opportunistic eaters. soysauce and hotsauce could easily lead to the consumption of the universe.


You bunch of amateur biologists seem to think you’ve got it all figured out but I can clearly see there’s one thing that none of you have considered:

The fact that I really WANT it to be aliens.


Well I mean, at least that puts you and the paper’s authors on the same page


See I am pretty sure that alien life would be so alien, that it would the very least have different amino acids that make up their DNA (if they even have “DNA”).


Many hands make light work, huh.


I dunno. When we get around to colonizing other planets, you think we’re sending human beings there first? But maybe it’s one of those two things you said. Dichotomies are always make for the best science, right?


It always annoys me when an alien takes umbrage at humans eating, killing, or otherwise exploiting creatures who superficially resemble it. Why would an intelligent creature that happens to look like a cockroach mind if we kill cockroaches, when it is even less closely related (if at all) to cockroaches than we are?


I don’t expect us to ever colonize any planets outside of our solar system. That said, if we were to send something to “prepare” a planet for our arrival, robots make much more sense than some kind of animal.


The journal is a legitimate one, but the Editor has a fondness for “contrarian crazy stuff that gets headlines”. It probably helped that when the authors revised the paper for this journal (after previous rejections), they added umpteen citations of the Editor’s work.

The paper is completely calenture fritillary hatstand, and all the authors have prior form. It was stovepiped out of the “crank looniverse” into the ambit of tabloid newspappers by a crank journamalist who usualy writes climate-change-denialist stuff for the Murdoch press there.



33 scientists have declared

That seems like a fairly low percentage of scientists…


They probably should lay off that stuff. It can’t be good for you.



robots, sure. we’re good at that tech.

but maybe the aliens are better with biology?

heck, maybe they’re just shipwrecked?


And here i thought that soft body animals just did not leave good fossils as they had no bones…


I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…

This smells like bullshit ‘science’ from a mile away. Somehow Octopuses are aliens? But still clearly related to snails (Or are snails an Nautiluses aliens too? I admit I didn’t waste the time to read such a clearly bullshit article.)

Anybody who knows something about evolution can see that the molluscs use many of the same basic mechanisms as other life on earth.