Scientists growing new arms for monkeys

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Wow. I had no idea our progenitor cells could be used in other animals (at least monkeys anyway). Is the reverse true?


Soon they can apply this to bear arms, so I can get my constitutionally granted pair.


Neat! Replacement parts for the win!

A fun thing would be extending this by adding functionality to the brain to handle more than what it was born with. I want two more arms.

I, for one, welcome our many armed monkey overlords.


Hooray, I can finally get the extra arm I always wanted!


Came here for this, was not disappointed. Though I’m curious if there is an optimal number of arms for fighting. I could imagine more than six or eight getting a little unwieldy.

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Title is um, a bit misleading. They are cutting the monkeys arms off, taking them apart, attempting to regrow them, and not actually returning the arms to the monkeys afterwards. In other words, in the end they are removing monkey arms, not replacing them ha ha. Well it’s certainly not “for” the monkeys anyway.

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…what about also trying to grow the rest of the monkey on the arm?

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