Scientists study the psychology of death metal


Have no idea, I just remembered seeing them on some other site, and goog’d the image.


Well, this makes sense. IIRC I read some time ago that according to the Police of Finland, one of the least violent Finnish music festivals is Tuska metal festival, and the most violent is the tango festival Tangomarkkinat…


Well, Tango is all about passion.


Yes, this is what Norwegian Black Metal is like:


Begs the question, is there a Satan that isn’t of Hell? :thinking:


There’s ‘Satan of Saturn’…


Japanese metal can also be kinda… out there.

Obvs Japan does have plenty of more serious metal bands. These are just some of the more famous weird ones. There’s also a great metal/comedy anime called Detroit Metal City


I think that was on Type O Negative’s first album?




“…Don’t need no money to ride this train…”
“I like the sound of breaking glass, and if you don’t believe me, then why did you ask?”

Hmm, could be.


And this is what American Death Metal is like:

First track is kind of the intro to the second. Listen in order please. And hang in there, the real badassery comes towards the end. Or jump in at 2:40 in the second track if you can’t hang in there


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