Scientists test hagfish slime-defense techniques by building an artificial shark mouth


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So it’s not just a “take one for the team” thing? I assumed the first hag suicide bombs the sharks to prevent a frenzy on his compatriots…



A hagfish can be euthanized without triggering the slime ball.

But even a dead hagfish will slime if it gets chomped?

Zombie hagfish :interrobang:


Until Trump…


I’m convinced that somewhere down there, at the bottom of some god forsaken trench, lies a dimensional gate through which these unspeakable horrors enter our our world.


Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.


To beat my dead horse, I didn’t think Trump could swim so well.


Hagfish remind me of spittle bugs.



Wanna ‘learn’ a bit more about the… beauteousness… of hagfish? Read ‘North Star’ by Martin Cruz Smith.

No, no, no. Don’t thank me.


Who? What?

Well OK then, I approve of this “Clive Thompson.”


He wrote another Nightwing, but with hagfish? Yeesh!


Hagfish are not often eaten, owing to their repugnant looks and sliminess. However the inshore hagfish, found in the Northwest Pacific,[28] is valued as food in Korea. The hagfish is kept alive and irritated by rattling its container with a stick, prompting it to produce slime in large quantities. This slime is used in a similar manner as egg whites in various forms of cookery in the region.[citation needed] The inshore hagfish, known as kkomjangeo (꼼장어) or meokjango (먹장어) in Korean and nuta-unagi (ぬたうなぎ) in Japanese, is the only member of the hagfish family with a seasonal reproductive cycle.

You’re welcome, guys.


There is so much information in this post and thread that I never knew I needed to know.
My day is complete, BB has won the Intarwebs for me today!


Why would you do that?

I’m not talking about the chefs; Koreans gonna Korea. But you? Why would you bring that to my attention, on this, just the third day of a new year. You monster.


NS is one of his ‘Arkady Renko’ books (Russian Investigator; excellent stuff!). Hagfish are ‘touched on’ in the book.


Rly, they deliberately eat hagfish slime. Extraordinary.


I first saw hagfish in some youtube video recently. The amount of snot they produce and the rapidity with which they produce it is incredible. As far as the survival mystery goes, I would have though it similar to poisonous species where individuals apparently benefit from the past experiences of predators. Turns out the hagfish survive anyway but I wonder why it was a mystery to begin with.


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