Scientology goes Full Tim and Eric on 'Going Clear' documentary

A little hyperbole. Scientology isn’t flying jets into skyscrapers or shooting doctors that perform abortions or blowing up Jewish centers.

How would you classify separating parents and children? Or turning children against their parents? It doesn’t take much delving into the practices of this “religion” to see just how horrible it is, as well as the consequences of opposing the leaders of the hierarchy.


Nope just breaking child labor laws, beating people, locking people in basements, holding people hostage until they die in hotel rooms…


Like I said, I’ve read “Going Clear” (and a number of other things). It doesn’t compare, sorry, on the scale of human tragedy, with lynchings, bombings in public, etc. that actual terrorist groups do.

Yes, Scientology should have their status revoked and be prosecuted for the crimes they’ve committed. Hell, I bet we could use the RICO laws on them. They’re a far cry from a “terrorist” organization though.

I didn’t say they weren’t horrible. I just said that they weren’t the same as a terrorist group like one poster was claiming. See other comments.

Really did he name a terrorist group?

Didn’t realize crashing planes into buildings was the level need to compare a group to white supremacists or terrorists.

There are bunch of criminals who have done truly massively horrible things on a large organized scale.

I mean seriously the list of truly evil shit they do is endless.


FreedomMedia and Ethics

I hope they talk about ethics in game journalism.


Given that the bulk of religions tend toward “we are The In Group”, with variations regarding whether the outgroup are to be avoided but endured, massacred, or converted into in-group; there must be additional characteristics that make scientologists even more insufferable when displeased. There are plenty of groups who see themselves as the only true faith in a world of evil that aren’t even close to those guys when it comes to flipping out.

The scientologists do coerce people into signing themselves into slavery with contracts that have terms lasting a billion years, and not offering payment until the term is up.

Regardless of the fact that such contracts are unconscionable and unenforceable, they still make people agree to them, and they still cash in on the labor of said rubes.

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Yep. There are whole chapters on this behavior in “Going Clear,” as well as “Blown for Good,” “My Billion Year Contract,” and “Inside Scientology,” all popular books exposing Scientology’s behavior published in the last five years.

There is also the Los Angeles Times series back in 1990 that got the ball rolling.


Yeah, but it’s not usually this incorporated into the cult’s doctrine and mythology.

Pretty unnecessary to pile on at this point, but when has that ever stopped me?

He actually said this:

the scientology mind set and world view is warped and sick, very similar to that of an Islamic terrorist or white supremacist.

Which I think is pretty right on the money. The scientology mindset/world view is just as warped and sick as that of any fundamentalist. They all take fantasy bullshit as doctrine.


Don’t taunt happy fun ball.

We wouldn’t be here (at this stage of $cientology’s crumbling empire) if it weren’t for the work of sites like Project Clambake. Really, it was the Internet and the free dissemination of ideas that brought down this cult. South Park wouldn’t have known about Xenu without these sites.


So true. Along this line and to your very asture point, a piece from Mike Rinder’s blog, a former Scientology executive featured in Gibney’s documentary

I shall do no such thing and you cannot make me

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Check out this Primer on Scientology’s Operation Snow White, in which they infiltrated governments around the world, especially the US government. Good times.

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