Scott Pruitt had his security detail drive him to hotels in search of his favorite lotion


“The one with all of the bloodstains. One of my staffers pointed out that it might be considered evidence.”


No good Christian would want to be called up to live with God and have eternally chafed skin.

What concerns me is that his search was “desperate.” Makes me wonder if I have enough time to watch “This is the End” once more.

Oh. Wait. I won’t be going anywhere. I’ll have plenty of time.


The issue isn’t how his assistants feel about it, it is that we taxpayers are not supposed to be paying the salaries of servants for the heads of agencies.


Just wanted to test if I could write MOISTurizer but not ■■■■■

Yep! Theory confirmed.

In Pruitt’s case perhaps it really ought to be ■■■■■ urizer

Talk about taking his masturbation seriously!

No wonder his wife wants to get out of the house and buy a Chick-Fil-A franchise

That’s for sure. Now that he’s got the mattress and the moisturizer, he’s all set – except, where’s he going to put the mattress? Is there room for it in his sound-proof booth?



We aren’t expecting the head of the EPA to manage his own calendar and filter his mail are we? Typically once someone’s job gets big enough they have to delegate the details or they’d never get anything done. This is not unusual.



Other things that often aren’t covered: parking, even if where you work is pay parking only. Anything beyond tap water: coffee, tea (plus any cream, milk, or sugar), or bottled water (individual or in a watercooler) are usually employee funded. If you take a fleet vehicle out, it better be for government business and not a lunch run. God forbid you imply authority unless it is within the narrow scope of your abilities.

This is what’s so frustrating about Pruitt’s stunts. He’s taking out fleet vehicles and his security detail to hunt down his favourite hand lotion, when your average civil servants can’t even get a decent stapler. He’s getting deals on housing from lobbyists when if it were an underling they could be fired for accepting a cup of coffee.

None of it is funny, or entertaining. Insulting, yes.


He is expected to have help doing his official duties. So somebody should be handling the calendar for his staff meetings and making sure everybody who should be there is there. But he shouldn’t use government resources* to say, plan and do invitations to his wife’s birthday party. There’s nothing really wrong with him using a government car to travel t official meetings. In fact, if he was driving himself in his own car, he would be reimbursed for it. But you can’t use a government vehicle on a family vacation. Yes, in the big scheme of things, this is all pretty small cheese. But in the same way that when you are buying a house, if the previous owner’s can’t be bothered to clean and paint, you wonder what big things that they have ignored, Pruitt’s inability to even PRETEND that he is not using government resources for personal use make us wonder what else he is getting away with.

*And make no mistake, because the laws and regulations are clear, the time of the government employees working as his assistants are government resources.


Guess what - I pay taxes and when I see them being wasted I get to call it out.


When Trump says Pruitt is doing a fabulous job, he means because of this. While we focus on matresses and lotion, and where he eats his lunch, Pruitt is systematically dismantling the EPA and the protections it gives us.


Here’s more wood for the fire.

then there’s this -

This feckless idiot has got to go.


This fucker is just incredible to me, the depths of his corruption, duplicity, self-serving. I can’t tell which is deeper.


I may or may not have been professionally involved in a bid to supply one of the Ritz branded items. Basically they approached us and a handful of our competitors, all of us supplying the same product category. We were asked to write them a proposal that basically estimated their volume of sales should they choose our product and then slap the baby blue logo on it. We were conservative and balled quite low, someone else got the deal by estimating higher sales and profit. The quality of the product mattered very little, the aesthetics mattered somewhat, but estimated sales data mattered most.
Whatever lotion Scott spent your tax dollars on can be found in a different bottle at a chain store he drives past every day. And possibly at half the price. The Ritziness of the product stops at the baby blue label, inside is a generic consumer product.


These scandals can obscure the horrifying damage of Pruitt’s maladministration.


“He knows that booth is made out of one-way glass and we can all see him, right?”



And all this time they were worried about the Catholics being disloyal to this country… truly there is nothing these assholes won’t project about.


Well it’s certainly not anybody that believes in 'creation stewardship." It is strange to me how many modern, conservative political views are highly correlated with certain sects. Certainly for many they seem more foundational than actual matters of doctrine, eg. the nature of transubstantiation.