Scouse man confronts officer

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From his handle, this mook is an “auditor”, which is a social-media influencer genre. Despite the lofty and outraged claims that they’re merely defending rights (e.g. to video anyone, not just the cops, in public spaces) and educating people, what they do is basically a form of tr0lling for the lulz in the real world and then trying to translate that into followers on YouTube or TikTok (please do not reward this kind of attention -seeking behaviour with clicks or traffic).

While it’s sometimes fun to see them harassing cops who don’t know the law or bothering $cientologists outside their offices, they spend just as much time finding random people to wind up by ostentatiously (and legally) recording them from the pavement to see what happens.


auditor vs auditor would be fun to watch.


Seems like a bit of a tool, to me. Probably still sore that he failed the police exam six years ago.


And here I thought it was another sovereign citizen, which apparently is also a thing in Merry England.


If it’s sovereign citizen and other assorted age-old nonsense you’re referring to, that will be Merrie England! :wink:
As in Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.
They probably didn’t like the Sheriff of Nottingham looking at them either, and especially not that lackey, Guy of Gisborne.

Back in the real world - but in another reality - if I had been that cop, I’d have been very tempted to ask the guy if he wanted to come down to the station to make a formal complaint. But that cop’s low-level reaction should be in cop training videos all over the world.


I will almost guarantee you that every cop in the city knows who this clown is and has been instructed to react to his ranting exactly as the one in this video did.


something something Magna Carta something something common law…


Liverpool may be a place where you have to restrain yourself from gaping at everything anyone says or wears, but it remains genuinely distinct from the rest of England, and they still don’t buy the Sun.

ETA I just noticed this video has the hashtag #VIRAL. That’s some capital-P Posting right there.


Well, exScouuuuuuuuse me!


Dunno why these articles don’t link to the original, which is here:

I wish my life had subtitles in my language.

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Well, he’s, self-confessed, “no stranger to Staffordshire police”. Somehow I doubt that means he last saw them across an exam sheet.


They call themselves Freemen of the Land there.


I am defending my rights which the police abuse the general public on a daily basis i only film them because they assaulted me while i was in cuffs and of no threat to them and the main factor my wif and children were present so i think people my have the wrong end of the stick with me ill leave a link to the lovley police and the total disregard for my saftey and my children welbeing if you would like to to see the video look on twitter or youtube

An auditor in the Terry Pratchett sense?


Not after clicks mate just exposing the truth that is the only msg that im sending as to all these platforms its to express are freedom of speach and i do appreciate constructive criticism thanks for your response