Scrappy Cooking transforms "common food scraps" into "magic"

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Only dill pickle chips? Why can’t I make bread & butter chips? :man_shrugging:

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i can’t imagine grocery shopping without a plan for what i’m buying. no wonder we throw away so much food in this country.


I thought using every scrap was just… “cooking.” If a food scrap is human-inedible, it gets fed to my chickens. If they can’t eat it, it gets composted. (I confess I’m not reusing my pickle juice, because I’ve got no use for it, though. It’s just brine - it goes down the sink.)

Although looking at her videos, there seems to be a certain amount of deliberately doing things that are insanely wasteful and unnecessary so she make use of the “scraps” that are actually just… the food item? I mean, who the fuck cuts off the entire top of a strawberry just to remove the calyx? (And then explains that the “top,” i.e. the upper half of a strawberry, is actually edible. Gosh!) The zucchini fries video amounts to: “Hey, you know you can also eat zucchini? Here’s a recipe.”

Also also, if I ever have some pineapple scraps, I’m making Tepache.


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