30 more life hacks debunked


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@frauenfelder, heads up, link fail!


Thanks for ruining my Monday…


You may need to shake it longer.



With the help from Dog above, I’ll make it to happy hour.


In honor of tomorrow…


Shaking cream in a bottle is a way to make butter not whipped cream, no?

/don’t they teach ANYTHING in high school these days?

//that man has no idea how to easily tear cardboard
///keep your arms straight when trying to open a difficult jar
///cut the onion from the non-root end towards the root
////cut the kiwi in the middle and scoop out the innards
/////we used to split apples as kids, nowadays, my fingers are too big to do it easily now. All I need to do now is slit the skin a little at the non-stem end. It’ll be very easy.
///I’ll stop now.

///…///Just one more: whipping cream by hand is one of life’s simple pleasures.


###This one weird trick will save you hours each week:

#Don’t believe things you read on the internet!


Wait a minute…is debunking life hacks a life hack?




I was told you need to shake the bottle for around 3 minutes. Haven’t tried it myself though.

Also, splitting the apple with bare hands is possible, though I use the whatchumacallit of my thumbs, metacarpal joint or something.


So then why should I believe this??


#Don’t believe things you read or write on the internet!



Footage of an apple being split in two with bare hands for anyone who doubts it.



I just don’t get how some of this stuff can be called “life hacks”.


Whipped cream is merely a pit stop on the road to delicious home-made butter. But it is indeed on the way.


Are you saying finding an easier way to chop an apple in half with your hands wouldn’t a life-changer?