Screen made of colored thread

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Meeeee - owwwwww :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t matter who it’s for – it looks cool!

I was wondering how they’d swap out the spools of thread – and then I saw that while spools are visible, they’re end-caps for thread-covered bands. Still neat.

The makers - (not to be confused with which is a branding agency in London).


Forever 32? LOL

The snark is going over my head.

It’s “Forever 21” actually…

Thank you, I’m well aware. But why 32? Is the implication that no one in their 20s actually shops there?

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It’d be nice if this creative agency mentioned the work of artist Devorah Sperber, who has been making spool image installations since 1999. Though her work is static, it seems unlikely that it wasn’t an inspiration for the spool display.


I’m scratching my head, myself. I though I’d updated my post to say, “Doh!” But it evidently didn’t “take.” I am as confused as you are.

Forever 32 == Forever 21 with 1 added to each digit… I don’t know if it’s relevant… Just stating the obvious.

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I’m vaguely reminded of a mechanical theatre screen built of an array of small cards that could be flipped rapidly to make the pixels. Bruce Sterling’s “The Difference Engine”??

Or the huge North Korean “enter link description here”… which kinda scares me.

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