'Sea Hunt Forever' divers recreate one of TVs best shows

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¿Quien es mas macho?

Investagador submarino

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I love the dramatic – but energy wasting and largely useless – uses of the arms for propulsion.

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Right, its terrible form for actual scuba diving.

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I’m told that in the early 1970s there was a student organization at a certain Ivy League university called the Royal Huntation Society that existed for the sole purpose of watching reruns of Sea Hunt and performing statistical analyses on how many times Lloyd Bridges would say, “Huh!”


Between this show, and all of the Cousteau specials, I was so hooked as a kid that I ended up getting a degree in Underwater Archaeology and a serious addiction to wreck and cave diving. If that stuff had not been on TV, I would have had a completely different life. The earliest they would let me get certified to dive was 14, and I did my certification dive the week of my birthday.


I loved this show.

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Once I got experienced at diving, a friend and I overhauled a couple of those 1950s regulators from a garage sale, and used them a few times. We found that breathing with them deeper than 100 feet was very tiring. Nothing like the modern regulators that can be adjusted to supply air with absolutely minimum demand, even at 200 feet plus.

yup, me too. I would always try the dual hose but they really did suck…

I loved Sea Hunt for two reasons. My mom adored Lloyd Bridges and was very happy that he could find work after the HUAC blacklisting; this was the first time I had adult politics explained to me, and that was kinda cool (and confusing).

The other reason was quality, high production value (koff-koff) episodes like this one: Dead Man’s Cove, or The Case of the Truculent Vulcan

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