Sean Connery, 1930-2020

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The world is a slightly better place for women today.


When reached for comment, Alex Trebek simply replied “I win”.


When James Bond is gone you really know it’s gonna be hard times.
A great actor. How can he not be missed?

When I was a kid JB was too cool for school.
If you thought the Beatles started the paraphernalia market, it was nothing to James Bond. There were 007 branded shirts and all manner of things that only ‘Q’ could produce - such as cameras that, with a few twists, turned into Luger’s. I wish I still had some of that cool stuff.


Aw damn… I liked him. 2020 continiues to be a dick.
Then again 90 is a blessed age and dying in your sleep is probably the best and most peacefull way to go.


Another Zardoz lover here.


Dying in your sleep in the Bahamas, no less.


That too. There could be worse places to die in your sleep.


The mocking tone of this article and the comments are not as compassionate or woke as this crowd generally claims to be.


I once helped Mr. Connery print something.

I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton in 2004 during Oscars week. I was in the business center on the Internet (this was the dark ages before ubiquitous hotel WiFi and personal devices.)

Someone comes in, and then a few minutes later says in a completely unmistakable voice

“Excuse me, do you know how to print this?”

I immediately jumped into parental IT support mode, it was a pretty easy thing to do, he said, Thanks, and (this is the awkward thing) continued to stay in there on the computer while I had to do the whole “pretend to be normal around Sean freaking Connery” for the next 20 minutes. I couldn’t even bring up the courage to mention my childhood favorite, Darby O’Gill and the Little People …

PS the reason I was there was to film an episode of Jeopardy, and I told Alex what had transpired (he loves those skits) and he was pretty pumped, he asked if I’d pop him in the mouth and tell him “that’s from Trebek” if I saw him again.

RIP Sean Connery, a great actor!


Hey hey there, Zardoz was a great film! It had weird psychadelic-ish stuff, and boobies! (yeah, I was 13 at the time)

(edited to add, sorry, not intended to be a reply to kthejoker)


Also Diamonds Are Forever is clearly the best Bond Film.


Underrate film, imo. I remember so vividly the title’s meaning reveal scene.


Love Zardoz, and have been in love with the darned thing for almost 50;years, back when it was considered one of the world’s greatest stinkeroos.
Still, for the ultimate psychedelic Sean, maybe nothing tops his communing with the King of the Leprechauns in Walt’s “Darby O’Gill And The Little People.
Here’s a shot apparently after munching too many cubensis spores and experiencing a visitation from the King himself.


The only thing in the article that seems like “mocking” is that they headlined Zardoz instead of his JB role. And frankly, I like that they did - everyone knows the other role, and everywhere else is headlining that. It’s actually a nice change to see someone highlighting his other roles (even if in a slightly snarky way). And I’d like to think that Mr. Connery both had a good sense of humor, and was as proud of his other movies and would be happy to be remembered for more than just the one role.

Personally, I’d love to see Time Bandits added to that list of movies, as well.


Surprised no mention of A Bridge too Far.

Update: if he made it to morning, then it would be a good day for a proud celt to die.


Let’s face it, Connery made everything he was in more specialer. I see everyone’s Zardoz, and raise you a The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


xkot has got it right. He made stuff better. I see your LOEG and raise you a Time Bandits


You can’t say that, someone just mentioned A Bridge Too Far.

But that does remind me, he’s in The Longest Day, though just a private.

I bought a used four pack of Disney films, only to discover at home that Darby O’Gill. So I can’t watch that. I suppose I could rewatch Entrapment, or fire up the VCR and watch Medecine Man. I may have some others.

But it looks like I may have to finally rewatch Zardoz. I saw it in a theatre once, a long time ago, and got it in DVD used for a dollar, but haven’t brought myself to watching it.

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