Sean Hannity revealed as Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's client number 3


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Strange bedfellows.


This makes Peter Serafinowicz recent mocking video more relevant then previously imagined.



What’s the problem here? I’m sure that Hannity has fully disclosed in the course analysis of the raid and his discussions about Cohen that he was one of his clients.


I just had a good chortle out loud at this development.

I look forward to what all involved will look like after the Shit Tsunami passes by.


Wow. Trump, the RNC, and Hannity all going down? I still can’t quite wrap my head around it, but Trump winning may end up being quite the gift.


Really? From here it looks sickeningly predictable.


JMHO: Not so strange. Just one stooge of many shamelessly shilling for the corrupt, power-mad head of state. That effectively makes Hannity out to be Trump’s Vladimir Posner.


"client number 3" Probably because Hannity got caught fucking that beaver of a hairpiece while at the office.

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Client 1 - Trump: Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels to not talk about having sex with Trump.
Client 2 - Elliott Broidy: Cohen paid off a former Playboy Playmate to not mention her child was the unacknowledged child of Broidy.
Client 3 - Sean Hannity: ???


“You mean he’s your lawyer too? That’s amazing, I can’t believe this never came up before!”

ALSO: Has Hannity been outed as a serial sex abuser yet? I honestly can’t keep track.


This must be very bad. Not a peep on Fox News or Breitbart.


It’s as if this whole thing was put together by screenwriters.


I feel the same way; we were expecting some vast Machiavellian scheme at work here, but as it turns out, it’s all as simple as an episode of “Scooby Doo”. They’re all in bed together, trading rich-man favors, scratching each others backs and chortling about their cleverness over brandy and cigars. It is disappointing.


Client 3 - Sean Hannity: vampire who snacks on infants and hypnotizes us all through the TV.


You’d get kicked right off the writing team if you pitched a story arc like this for House of Cards.


Cohen/Trump/Hannity: smallest circle jerk in history.


Fixed that for you. :wink: