Seattle pizza shop has the most awesomely 90s website

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All it’s missing is the “Web Ring” at the bottom to take you to other, similar sites.


It says right in the name that Dino makes tomato pie! Ask someone from Philly what that is. Or, you know, use Netscape to look it up. :wink:


someone else who has a website which took me all the way back to the finest moments of geocities was wendy carlos →


And that Netscape link really does download a Netscape zip file!
Sadly (fortunately?) the .exe file it unloads won’t run on my Mac.

Comments link in post goes straight back to post. Had to search via BBS to get here. @orenwolf.

*DINO would like you to know that more than three toppings will be expensive and won’t be any better.

I… love Dino


For real? How does that even happen? I can think of only 1 pizza place near me (out of about a dozen, no chains) younger than 2016.

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If it doesn’t need javascript then it has my approval. I wish most websites wouldn’t require it. And I say this as a web dev. Seriously, I hate javascript.


Website design by Sammy (I’m Dino’s cousin)

chef’s kiss


I’m pretty sure it was accidentally “left” in there for the kind of dorks that trawl through HTML for gags (hi!)…

…but there’s a commented-out autoplaying midi file called “topgun.mid”.
Don’t think it’s Top Gun related, but all I really know is Danger Zone and the Righteous Brothers.

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Pretty sure that’s a joke based on the incredible number of pizza shops that open around here. For instance, two of the four (or is it five now?) pizza places that are within a block and a half of the Junction have been there significantly longer than 5 years.

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I’ll be using Altavista

Are we experiencing real verisimilitude or just a very similar experience given the virtual space?

There’s a delightful irony seeing a 90’s website perfectly formatted for mobile as well.

Oh and this quote from the webpage.

“Our menu is actually good we will serve drinks too along with a lot of food you would want. Also the really good bar menu, ladies. Real drinks. We hope you have a lot of them.”

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Gotcha. That’s some mighty dry sarcasm or I’ve never been anywhere near Seattle!

OK, it’s kinda cute, but this “90s website” is OVER SEVEN MEGABYTES!

It would take nearly 18 minutes to download on a 56kbps modem.

Even the menu page is 4Mb. Seriously, stop with this bullshit.

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Seems authentic then. Especially if it hanged at about 15 mins in.

Yet, there are no flames, and no dancing baby, so maybe not.

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that just made me blow tea out my nose! thanks for that graphic memory I thought I had shut out years ago!


it’s the devils code.

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