SeaWorld promises to acquire no new orcas


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I’m sure this is only because they can no longer find a supplier for the clear plastic baggies large enough to carry them home in.


"… of course, if we have some male animals and some female animals in a tank together, and those animals happen to mate, then we of course would be obligated to take care of the offspring, who would have no way of surviving in the wild.

… and the offspring of those offspring, in turn… and so on… forever.

It’s the right thing to do."



But we will acquire no true orca.


You just made my day.


As I understand it, they’ve now committed to stopping their rather nasty breeding program, after already previously committing to stop kidnapping them from the wild.


Well I wouldn’t want to the the one to tell killer whales that they weren’t going to get any…


Read my lips… no… new… orcas…


I don’t think most (if any) of Sea World’s breeding program involved putting two whales in the same tank. They merely enlisted the aid of mammals who are lucky enough to have hands.

(NSFW warning, I guess?)


Comments on the Sea World Facebook page seems to be split between people congratulating them on doing the right thing versus those who are crying that they have caved to PETA. STFU Parents seems to have found the best comment:


Can’t give you attribution, but I picked this up in my Internet travels and it was my wallpaper for some time.


Maybe they’re just going to give them free fishie condoms. Do they make those? Like… orca-sized?

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