Watch as orcas charge a blue whale, probably just for kicks


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JHC what a bunch of assholes.


This is what we get for shutting down the SeaPrisons.


It’s a special breed of crazy to charge the largest animal that’s ever lived.


Orcas to whale: Suck it up, Snowflake!


They are known to take out great white sharks. Orcas are bad ass mofos.


Aren’t they bigger, faster, and have more endurance than great whites? I’d be more impressed if a great white took down an orca :smiley:


Watch as orcas charge a blue whale, probably just for kicks

Oh he knows what he did…


And somebody gets voted ‘most likely to carry a switchblade if flippers were up to the task’ again…


There’s a reason they don’t call them cuddle whales.


But but but… Free Willy! They even make orca plushies! They would never be that mean, it has to be selective editing, and maybe somebody rubbed the whale with catnip!


I don’t know how anyone can pretend cetaceans are not people; they are so like us


Orcas seem to be basically sea wolves.

Highly social, hunt in packs, occasionally dick around with dangerous things just for shits and giggles…


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