Secret Nazi lair believed discovered in remote Argentine jungle, where Third Reich leaders fled


The Secret Nazi lair was discovered behind the roadside signs from the Department of Tourism:

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Hmmm… the swastika carved in all these photos/videos is reversed from the one used by the nazis (right-facing). You’d think that leaders of the movement would be able to draw their own icon correctly.


Yes, this makes the entire article suspect. That’s the version of the symbol quite frequently used in American Indian as well as many South Asian cultures.

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I have to really doubt this story. This is not to say I don’t believe several high ranking Nazis fled to South America - just that this isn’t evidence of it. German porcelain marks that are for German nationals is not marked “Made in Germany” - that’s American and other English speaking exports. I also doubt that the swastika etched into the rock walls would be backwards. Such backwards symbols don’t even appear in WW2 trench art examples - Germans were well aware of the direction of the mobile and immobile swastika.


The consensus among historians is that ODESSA et al did not exist in reality. The only similar, successful, project was Operation Overcast.
It does exist in fiction, wet dreams of conspiracy nuts and the usual WW2 fixated ramblings of the british press.

Good god, they discovered a secret lair of Buddhists.


Agree that it is unlikely that a real Nazi would draw it that way…the backwards swastika looks like graffiti, to me…

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Maybe they were neonazis. You know, they were just freshmen…


Maybe it was just a nudist colony…

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I was thinking that if swastikas carved into the walls were the only evidence then apparently Nazis fled to every roadside gas station bathroom I’ve ever been in.


It seems unlikely that the actual Nazi looking to hide here would carve a swastika into the wall. If you wanted to stay hidden, wouldn’t you do the opposite of post your organizational affiliation on the walls of your camp?

My guess is that if some of the lore is true about this site, someone marked it after it was abandoned. or a worker did it during construction where it would be hidden.

But the real interesting question is not if the site was set up for that purpose, but if anyone ever actually made it to the camp after the war.

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That’s just the Coriolis effect: Swastikas swirl in different directions in the northern and southern hemispheres. Obviously.


Were these the same nazis that drew a backwards swastika on geraldo?


Maybe they were just as stupid as the neo-nazis who rally behind that symbol today.


I’m sure the Mossad knows all about this site. They were probably the ones to sprinkle clues around!

Yes Hitler is still alive and living in South America, of course his is 125 years old.

Or his clones…


Everybody wants to clone Hitler


Those guys shoulda just come over to the good ol’ US of A! There were plenty of jobs available at NASA and the CIA.