Secret Service agents enjoy SoulCycle with Steve Mnuchin, who wants to control their agency

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She’s like a character out of a Margaret Atwood novel.


Well, I had been wondering why nobody had made an effort to Caligula the MFer. Guess they’re too busy having brotime with Mnuchin.

Those two picking a fight with Perez Hilton is not all that surprising compared to the usual wacky bullshit that came with that admin.

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In regards to the Secret Service moving back to Treasury, it is a logical move, as their primary role is in support of finance crime (counterfeiting, and now cyber theft). Protecting the money supply would seem appropriate to run from Treasury.

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Anyone know what this is all about? Little yellow anti-explosion kits?? Is she referring to first aid kits?

There are even these little yellow kits equipped to handle emergencies and explosions

Two soulless craven assholes, please make it stop.


On the other hand, I don’t want to give a Trump allied plutocrat a private army to do with as he pleases. I know its not much better to have it under DHS, but seems a bit more in the public sphere.

maybe they should separarte them into two different agencies

it’s not 1800 whatever anymore, there’s not logical reason to group two wildly different missions in one agency

i actually at one point was interested in doing financial crime investigation but i never considered applying to the secret service because there was a decent chance they’d plant me and my galaxy brain on a lawn in a suit in 80 degree weather for 12 hours. no buneo!


Sounds like an R34 Clonazepam to me.


Do we still do spy trading with Russia? What if we rounded up Trump, Kushner, Mnuchin, all the gang…and told them there was a summit meeting on the other side of the bridge…


I’m all for dismantling DHS. It has always seemed like a kludge, and it currently has a higher percentage of unfilled positions than any other department (59%). It seems like the Secret Service should be split into two separate agencies, as @anon62577920 notes above. Roll the money-crime unit into the Treasury and combine it with IRS’s law enforcement arm, and role the protective details into the State Department with the Diplomatic Security Service.

Well, in a sense [slightly gagging] he’s [retching sound] right.
I mean, it’s never made sense that the Secret Service is in charge of both:

  • bodyguard security for high-level government figures


  • investigating currency counterfeiting

It’s a throwback to an earlier age…protection for the ruling class/their wealth, and their access to wealth.


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