Secret Service agents sent home after drunken assault in South Korea

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ASSAB? Not a coincidence, I think.

Remember that on January 6, when the Capital was breached, the Secret Service tried to get Pence into a car to take him away from the Capital, and he flat out refused because he didn’t trust them to bring him back. I don’t understand how that report didn’t result in an immediate dismissal of all Secret Service agents. They need to get rid of all of them and start from scratch.


Or at least a massive, person by person review.

Also, I thought they were prohibited from drinking while deployed after their shenanigans in Brazil. This whole structure is in dire need of oversight.


Who’s going to review them? The guy who drunkenly hired them? The guy they buy the cocaine for?

What you read above is the outcome of just such a review: they’re off-duty, they’re on administrative leave, the president’s visit won’t be interrupted. Nothing like what’s really needed: “those drunken idiots have all been fired, and their incompetent supervisor has been suspended pending investigation.”


From the stories I’ve heard from Animators who’ve worked in Seoul this is a nightly occurrence with the forces stationed in Korea. Guess the SS were just joining in on the uh, fun.

not like getting out of top secret publications… but then in that boing post writers drink…

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